Welcome to my thoughts. They tend to vary just as my interests do. I am a Christian and inspirational writer for SPAG magazine, (Single People Approved by God.) I need to explain that acronym as it is a doozey, I have the tendency to send files to my spam folder in error, Oops! I am a widow with one grown son. And I am also handicapped and frequently housebound. I returned to school in my 50’s and discovered that the main joy I received from attending this bastion of hormonal teenagers was writing papers for class. Since then I have begun writing for the mere joy of it.

I tend to look for, and find, the humor in almost every situation. It is often there, but sometimes difficult to appreciate when life becomes overwhelming. My goal is to shed light on the humor and expose it for all the world to see. It’s a dirty job but, someone’s gotta get down in the trenches and rake through the muck, so it might as well be me. The truth is, I don’t have anything else to do at the moment.

But, God has gifted me with many tools for my trade. He gave me wit (I am funny! I swear), patience (I wish I could write a little faster though), insight (I do see the world through the eyes of my pets, if that’s not insightful I don’t know what is), and most importantly, faith (not a joke) that He will guide me on my path.

So feel free to read to your hearts content and please, please comment if you like what you are reading! If you don’t like it, then… well… I forgive you! (God help me with this one!) Enjoy!


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