Curzon’s in Love

cartoon puppyDear Doggy Diary, Curzon 7/9/17

I am in love Dear Diary, and she is magnificent! Her name is Teddy. She has short curly brown hair, clear blue eyes, and the most wonderful smell I’ve ever come across. She is absolutely perfect! My master introduced us, by mistake I think, yesterday when he got her from a box he opened like a present just for me. The moment I saw her I grabbed her by the hand and took off to the living room to claim her as my own.

What can I say Diary? She lets me play with her as much as I want without telling me to calm down, or make me sit still, or lay down. She’s not high maintenance at all, unlike my master who is always giving me orders. If I grab her and shake her she doesn’t complain or anything. I think she likes it. Kinda like a carnival ride I guess. I throw her in the air and catch her like a daddy with his child, and toss her across the room and chase her playing tag, and even sleep on top of her when it’s nap time.

I did get a little too rough last night and one of her eyes came loose and fell off, but she is still beautiful to me. Mama was a little upset when she saw me carrying her around the house at first, but then she got over it and said I could keep her. I wanna marry Teddy I think. She would be perfect for me. I can see the invitations reading, “You are cordially invited to join us in witnessing the marriage ceremony of Teddy Bear, and Curzon Get Down”’ Wouldn’t that be something?

curzon in love

My master won’t let Teddy outside with me. He thinks she’s too fragile for the wild. I think she’d be fine. But, until she’s my wife I must do as Master says. Besides, every guy needs his space now and then. When I go outside I run and jump and dig and sniff and then, run some more. I spend every moment actively enjoying the sunshine until I get tuckered out then I just lay in the shade of the big tree and snooze for a while, dreaming about my lovely Teddy.

Yesterday, in my bachelorhood, I chased away dozens of birds, dug up a frog, ate a worm (yum), rolled in the grass, played fetch with my master, organized an archeological dig searching for dinosaurs, chewed up 3 sticks, captured an unknown quantity of leaves and grass remnants, and finished, with a brave display of protectiveness by barking incessantly at the chipmunks across the road that were willing to dare infringing on my sovereignty. I can’t wait to share these untold joys with my beloved Teddy.

Goodbye for now Diary, I have a wedding to plan.


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