10 Things a pet lover has done. Even if they won’t admit it!

There are things we all are guilty of as pet owners that some may not understand. Here are just a few. Be honest now, how many are true about you?

1. If you’re a pet lover than you’ve probably dressed your pet in a silly outfit just because you can!

cat hotdog

2. I bet you’ve put tape on their paws and watched them try to walk at least once.

tape on cat

3. Fur becomes a fashion accessory and a decorating tool.

cat hair

4. I guessing you’ve used you dog as a garbage disposal so you could hide the evidence.

dog under table

5. You know you’re a pet lover when your pets have seen you pee more than the guys in the gym locker room.

cat peeing

6. Face it, we’ve all done it. You know you’ve “dutch ovened” your pet at least once!

dutch oven

7. I know your pet has been there for you to console you as you cried.

crying with dog

8. Even the pickiest of us have let our dog lick our faces even though we know they eat gross stuff.

dog licking face

9. Who hasn’t let your pets take over your bed at night?

sleeping with dog

10. I’m willing to bet you’ve made your bed with the cat under the sheets because it just won’t move. Then laughed as they tried to get out!

making bed


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