Dear Doggy Diary #1

cartoon puppyDear Doggy Diary,

Belle, the leader of the feline camp, has suggested I take up writing a dairy so that when I am older I will remember what it is like as a puppy. I fail to see the reasoning behind…..


Lick, lick, lick, bark, lick, lick, grrrrr, owww! (Whimper).
Those kittens they have sharp teeth and claws!

Anyway, why should I write about the joys of chewing on my humans’ slippers? As if I will ever forget the (Drool begins to flow) smell and texture (I begin sniffing at the slipper) of a well-worn shoe.

(Chomp, grrrr, shake.) There is no greater scent nor taste, then that of my humans’ shoes! (Chomp, chomp, chomp, shaking vigorously)

Ooops, gotta poop!

So, what’s it like as a puppy in this house? Well, It’s really… Ouch, Kitten attack! I’ll just lick her face from nose to ear tip til she stops trying to eat me! Aha! Drool face!

What was I saying? Oh yeah, what’s it like as a puppy here? Well, to begin with Belle may be in charge now, but just wait until I am full grown. Then it’s my turn t… Hey, that’s my tail! Ouch! You evil kittens you are mine BWAHAHAHAHA!

Gotta pee first.

YIPE! (whimpering loudly, I run to my human for protection)
My human pet me softly until I drifted off into a deep power nap. Now I am fully charged and ready to …


Maybe I wasn’t done yet with my nap. (Yawn) Be right back gotta pee.

Ok I have decided how to attack the young cats. I’ll use my paw to knock it away and sit on it! Hey! Stop chewing on my tail! Hmmm maybe I should just stop wagging.

Gotta poop again.

Ouch Midnight has my ear! Grrrrr Here comes the atomic puppy move! I leap in the air trying to pin down Midnight and lick her face til she cries uncle!
Ok now that was fun!
Next, I’ll ju… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

(Yawn) gotta pee and poop.

What were we talking about? Oh never mind. The kittens are sleeping so I’m gonna go wake ‘em up.

After I poop!

Talk to ya later,


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