Kneeling in God’s Presence

Kneeling in God’s Presence

Today at service we learned some difficult news.  It has been a trying week for our small church family.  Many issues have confronted and troubled several members of the congregation. In addition we also learned that our church is losing the lease on our building.  The building has been sold and the new owner is not going to renew our lease.

During the service, as the pastor detailed the trials being faced by so many, he asked that we all kneel as we prayed for God’s help with so many problems.  The pastor worded the request that those of us capable should kneel.

I have tried many times to kneel as I prayed.  The pain quickly overcomes me.  I remember I had asked the pastor about kneeling and how it disturbed me that I had so much trouble kneeling in prayer.  He told me at that time that he felt God understood and that I should just pray in a manner I was physically capable of.

This morning before I left for church I grabbed my Bible.  Normally I don’t carry it with me on Sunday but today for some reason I grabbed it.  It is covered in a pink quilted cover that really isn’t my style but I wanted to protect the book as best I could and that was what I had so I have used this fabric cover to protect my Bible.

I looked at that Bible as everyone was moving to kneel and I realized I could kneel on the book.  For a moment I questioned if that might be an offense to God.  But then it occurred to me, the book would not touch the ground, only the quilted cover would.  The thought then came to my mind that God asks us all to lean on His word and use His word as our foundation and comfort.

That was what I was doing. I was using His word to help me finally kneel before Him. I felt that God not only allowed this but that He approved of my action.  I was finally able to completely join with the other members of my church family and kneel in God’s presence. I have no intention of doing this on an ongoing basis but for today God heard my unspoken prayer and allowed me to participate.

His word comforted my body as His presence comforted my heart.

I have been homeless before.  I know losing the lease on a building for my church may not be the same thing but it has been a comfort to have a home for all the members of our family to meet and commune. I found in my journey to find my own home that there are often many temporary residences that house us along the way.  In these temporary homes I have found friends and relationships that I now know were part of God’s plan.  I can only assume this too is part of His plan.

Just as God found a way for me to lean on him to kneel in His presence, he will lead us to the home he desires us to share as long as we continue to lean on Him.


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