A Lesson Learned

One thing about becoming a Christian is recognizing and confessing our own failings.  Admitting, confessing and asking forgiveness is not an easy thing to do for most of us and I am no different.  I find myself in the position that is embarrassing and I am not quite sure how to react.  I try to share the positive aspects of being a Christian on this platform but I also need to share the responsibilities. 

God asks very little of us considering what He have given us in exchange.  The First commandant states “Thou shalt have no other God before Me”.  I am not sure that I have broken this commandment but I feel compelled to question myself and ask forgiveness for I fear that I have. 

Our Church is beginning a food pantry project and we are in the very beginning stages.  I shared a wonderful meal with my pastor and his family last night and we discussed this project.  One thing we discussed was our mutual desire for a certain young man to take the leadership role for this project.  We both felt he is ready and excited about this mission. 

After I returned home last night this young man called me.  We spoke at length about the project and I spoke some words that this morning I deeply regret.  I mentioned to him that developing and operating a project like this is an accomplishment that would “look good on a resume”.  To some this may seem like a trivial comment, the truth however is that I fear it is a grave error many of us make.

This project was conceived and desired as an opportunity to serve God’s will.  When any of us bring worldly thoughts of accomplishment and pride it lessens its value to God. We do not enter God’s kingdom with our works but with our faith.  I cheapen this young man’s value when I invite him to entertain the thought of pride.  Not pride in his work because we should all be allowed to feel good about what we do, but pride can be a dangerous thing.

There is a very tricky trap that surrounds pride.  One of the best things about being a Christian is the ability to change and become something that God is proud of.  Sometimes however in that process we begin to forget about pleasing God and begin to look towards the world to acknowledge our accomplishments rather than God.  This is the trap I am afraid I have fallen into and have encouraged in another.

I have asked for God to forgive me and I will speak to the young man tonight and ask his forgiveness as well.  But I decided to post about this on here because I need to remind myself that it was God’s grace that saved me.  Nothing I had done was worthy of his love, yet He saved me anyway. 

It is my greatest desire to live this new found life that God his graciously given to me in a manner that God finds pleasing, and if that includes publicly admitting my accomplishments, it also means publicly admitting my failings.  I have invited you to join me on my walk of faith and that should also include my stumbles.  I know God will forgive me and that is why I am willing to share my experiences both good and bad with you.  Perhaps some might learn from my errors. 

Thank You Lord for the chance to learn this lesson.  Amen


One thought on “A Lesson Learned

  1. Lori, we should all aspire to be like you and admit our failings that we all have. There is a book that I encourage folks to read called “Toxic Charity” which is written by Bob Lupton, a former minister who lives among the poor. His thesis is we should ask ourselves is what we are doing more for us or more for the people in need? If the former, then should we be doing it? The book is the basis for the volunteer organization I am involved with where we help people in need climb a ladder, but they have to climb it. Thanks for your words which are reflective and inspiring. All the best, BTG


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