Cleanse Yourself and go before God

Jan 19, 2014

Cleanse yourself and go before God.

Something unusual happened to me this morning.  I began my morning reading of the Bible.  For the first time I found myself tremendously excited to be reading this material rather than reading merely to gain information or understanding.  While waiting for my ride to arrive that would carry me to Church services I found I was keeping a very observant eye on the time.  I was not watching to ensure I was ready when they arrived, but that I was frantically trying to absorb as much as I could before the knock came at my door.  I did not want to stop.  For the first time I was entranced.  I was reading for pleasure, not instruction.

I had read about Joseph in Genesis 41 where he was called before Pharaoh.   The phrase “Cleanse yourself and go before Pharaoh” stuck in my mind.  Mentally I found I kept changing the phrase to “Cleanse yourself and go before God”.  I know that was not the correct wording, but I could not get that out of my mind.  This may seem odd to you but it had special meaning for me.  Nothing for me is simple.  Bathing for instance tends to require someone assisting me due to my handicap and various difficulties.  Usually I wait until Meghan, my caregiver, is here because of the trouble I have bathing myself and the pain that goes along with that much physical activity.

Well, that phrase stuck in my mind.  I’m not sure where it came from but I kept hearing it.  So, I did just that.  I cleansed myself and went before God.   I managed to bathe myself and dress for Church without assistance.  Surprisingly there was very little pain.   After I bathed I began reading once more while sitting on the bed waiting for Missy to arrive.  I was loathing the thought of relinquishing the book.  Everything was so clear and interesting.  I was fascinated with the incite I was receiving and didn’t want to stop.   I felt Joy.  I felt excitement.  I felt anticipation.

This may sound weird.  It does to me.  But, I finally understood what it meant  to feel joy in the presence of God.  I tried to compare it to welcoming a very special visitor.  The effort we would expend to ensure our house was clean and our finest was set before our guest because of the honor we felt to be chosen as someone they would visit.  If the Queen was coming for a visit to your home, what would you do to prepare?  Yet, this is God.  He may know our weakness and yes, forgive that weakness, but the honor of his presence far, far out-weighs a visit from royalty.

All day today I found I was strong.  I was able to accomplish many things I have not been able to do on my own for quite a while.  I cleaned my home, albeit not well enough, but much, much more than I have been able to do in a very long while.  I prepared a meal, something I rarely am capable of doing, and even made my own bed.  The last chore was one of extreme faith for me.  Last week I had attempted that feat and injured myself severely.  I spent days taking heavy doses of pain medication to recover.  The act of even attempting to change my sheets and make my bed was frightening, yet I succeeded and without pain or injury.

I kept hearing this voice in my mind saying cleanse yourself and go before God.  So I kept doing more things that normally I have great difficulty doing. All day I have been smiling, busy and content.  Now as the day is winding down I find I am at peace.  I will soon go before God in my prayers tonight feeling I have heard and responded to His word.


One thought on “Cleanse Yourself and go before God

  1. I love what you did. I focused on your last paragraph where you said “I find I am at peace.” That is what matters most. If someone’s religion, activities, yoga, etc. bring peace to that person, then you are doing something good for you. All the best. BTG


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