I Want to Live!

I became aware of my surroundings only by feel. I could not see. I could not move. I was trapped.

“Where am I? Why is it so dark?”

I can barely breathe! “HEEELLLP!” I screamed. Could anyone hear me? Frantically I scream praying desperately for someone to hear me and tell me what is going on.

No one responds.

I begin to assess my surroundings. I am encased in some sort of cocoon or pod of some sort. If I exert myself I can slightly move my lower extremities. There is no semblance of light. “My God,” I wonder “what could this be? Where am I?”

I begin to cry. No one is coming. I sob quietly.

“HEEEEEELP!” Why isn’t anyone coming?

Maybe, if I move just enough, I might be able to wriggle free and see something. I begin to move. Slowly, painfully I try to move. I continue endlessly to create some type of movement. I am able to slightly maneuver one extremity, yet it is to no avail. Nothing changes except I am now exhausted from the effort and weak from hunger and thirst.. How long had I been here? I have no way of judging time. I could have been a minute or days, I had no way of knowing how long I’ve been here.

Thirst, hunger, I have to get out of here.

I try to move some more. I slowly make some progress. I managed to move just a bit. I wonder how much time has gone by? Slowly, jerking, tears begin to flow. Where am I? What is happening? It’s so dark here. What am I covered in? This thick, viscous, nasty stuff, what is it? It tastes like… like…mud, maybe? It doesn’t taste bad; just … I don’t know what it is. More tears flow quietly.

Why can’t I move? Feeling around I realize the shell I am captured in is hard, yet it allows moisture to seep through. What in the world is this odd material?

I begin to move slowly. I am so cramped it has become increasingly painful. If I could just move a little to my left,..

That didn’t work.

Let’s try going right…Maybe, back and forth.

Damn. Try again, Left, right, left, right.

“It’s not working” I scream. “Somebody help me. Please!” Finally, blissfully as I begin weeping and quietly fall asleep.

I’m wet! I’m Wet!

Wait,..I’m getting wetter. Thirst grips my throat.

How can I drink? I think hard, how can I get a drink?

This stuff is absorbing all the water. I am so thirsty. I begin to suck on this gunk, whatever it is. Precious moisture fills my parched mouth. I continue to suck in this weird, sticky, moisture laden muck. It tastes surprisingly wonderful. Finally, finally, my thirst is quenched.

After I’ve had my fill I begin to feel strength gorging me. Maybe I can move now?

My new strength gives me courage. I push and shove and push until CRACK! The cell enclosing me breaks away!

Oh God the pain! Merciless relentless, pain! whatever had held me captive was connected to my body in some way. Oh please, I cry, somebody help me. I begin to whimper, then slowly drown into nothingness.

The pain, it’s gone! How can that be? It is totally gone! This stuff, this wet, bizarre sludge must have taken away the pain. If it healed me, maybe, just maybe, it will give me the strength to crawl out of this place. Where ever I am.

I eat, I eat, until I have gorged myself into a stupor. I just might survive I think, so I eat some more.

Finally, I can move. I begin to stretch my arms and legs. Slowly, I move my right arm. Pushing, bending, squirming, twisting, and stretching as far as I can.

Next, I begin to work on my left arm.

Finally I have both arms wriggling and struggling through the muck. Now, my legs.

It worked. Somehow this stuff, this strange gloppy muck is giving me the strength to fight. It doesn’t taste too bad, actually. I’m so thirsty I can barely take it, but this matter, whatever it is, is wet and it gives me the strength I need. So I continue to eat as much as I can take.

I work continuously and persistently to free myself from the goo.

Rest now….I just need a little rest! encouraged I drift into an exhausted dream.

Something is slithering over me! Oh my God what is that?

Help!.. Help! Oh God! Please! Please! Get it off, get it off, get it off!

Oh my God it’s taking a bite out of my leg. Help Me! I scream and cry but again no one can hear me as this thing, this evil monstrosity continues to remove parts of my flesh. The pain overwhelms me until at last I cascade into oblivion.

I awaken to a numbing ache in my leg. I don’t have enough strength to move my arms through the muck, to feel for it, but somehow, I know part of my leg is gone. I begin to sob uncontrollably. Why is this happening, where am I?

How am I breathing?

What is this stuff?!

I know if I am going to live through this, I have to get out of here. I know that somehow, someway this viscous gunk is nourishing me, so again, I eat, and I eat, until I am fully gorged. Then I rest yet again.

OK. I tell myself with firm resolve, it’s time to get out of this. I begin to dig. Upward I thrust myself. I push and I pull and I continue to push upwards. Slowly I become aware that I am beginning to get warmer.

The goo is drying out a bit. It’s a little looser, too. Without knowing from where it came I regained some fragile hope I might survive.

I push harder and harder. Any time I begin to weaken I eat more of this strange mix I am immersed in. Then I rest. Each time I awaken I continue to work harder and harder. I continue this cycle as long as I can. I just have no inkling how long I have struggled.

Somehow, I don’t know exactly why, but all this effort is making me stronger. I continue to make progress.

Wait, something is different!

I am much warmer now. I think I see light! Could it be real? Am I finally getting out of here? I push harder still. Frantically with a surge of hope I continue to grab the goo and shove it beneath me.

With my right arm I grab and shove, then my left arm. Right, left, right, left, I just gotta keep going! Don’t stop. Can’t stop! I must keep going!

Finally I thrust my head back and break free! Oh thank you Lord!

I see sunlight! Warm, beautiful sunlight! I breathe deeply of the luscious, warm, spring air! I can’t get enough of it. Tears of pure, unadulterated joy flow out of me as I lay there panting and gulping in the fresh air.

As night begins to fall I finally rest. I’m still half buried in this tomb, but I don’t care because,.. Tomorrow I will be free!

With the rising sun, I begin to straighten my back. I still need energy, so I eat my fill of the strange food God provided me. I begin climbing, crawling emerging out of my tomb.

Then I hear it!

A strange, thumping, crunching sound I have never heard before. God, how could you do this to me? I just broke free and now you’ve sent some other horrid, evil to torture me!

Go away, please, please! Dear God please make it go away! I pray.

I begin to comprehend that perhaps this is not some evil approaching when I am bathed in pure, fresh, clean water. “Oh Thank you Lord!” I cry as I feverishly drink from this fount of pleasure. “Thank you, God! Thank you!” I cry in relief!

Tears begin to form as dew drops on my face as I slowly turn to see what caused this miracle. Beside me I see this strange and amazing sight. An enormously tall and beautiful woman is standing next to a small and smiling child. She speaks to her daughter in a warm and lilting voice,

“Oh look Honey! Our first flower has started to grow!”


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